Professor Olle Söderman

Olle Söderman received M.Sc. and Doctorate degrees in chemical engineering at Lund Institute of Technology in 1977 and 1982, respectively. His doctorate studies were carried out under the supervision of Professor Göran Lindblom. In 1982, he became research associate at the division of physical chemistry at Lund University. During the period 1987–93, he held a special researcher position at the Swedish Natural Science Research Council. In 1993, he became lecturer at Lund University and was promoted to full professor in physical chemistry at Lund University in 2000. His research interests focus on the study of fundamental physical properties of surfactant systems, with special emphasis on phase equilibria and surfactant aggregate structure and on methodological developments of field gradient NMR diffusometry applied to problems within soft matter. He has served as head of the chemistry department and as pro dean at the science faculty, both at Lund University.

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