Professor Roger Ordidge

Prof Ordidge has been involved in MRI since 1977, having completed his PhD with Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Mansfield on Echo Planar Imaging as required by fMRI, DWI etc. (patent Ordidge and Mansfield). Whilst working at Bruker in the 1980’s he combined MRS with MRI (ISIS and PRESS methods) and developed the commercial Biospec MR research system. In the 1990’s he constructed and tested (with FDA approval) the first 3T MRI scanner in Henry Ford Hospital, USA. He became the Joel Chair of Physics Applied to Medicine in 1994 (oldest established Chair in Medical Physics in the world) and developed further methods and applied them to a 4.7T human MRI system. Since 2011, he has been developing PET scanning applications and inventing new technology to tackle high field MRI problems at 7T on the scanners at the University of Melbourne.

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