Professor Jörg Wrachtrup

Prof. Wrachtrup is an internationally recognized expert in the field of solid state quantum optics and spintronics. He counts as pioneer in the field of solid state spin quantum physics and has explored applications in photonics, spintronics, quantum computing and quantum metrology.  His  research activities  comprise  material  science  in  carbon-based  systems, mostly diamond. There, he is active in fabricating photonic as well as electronic structures like dedicated electroluminescence devices for single photon emission. He is also pursuing interdisciplinary research, mainly towards biophysical and bioanalytical applications of diamond-based quantum sensors. Prof. Wrachtrup is author of over 250 papers with more than 8000 citations.

He received a number of prizes, among them an ERC Advanced Grant, the Leibniz Award, the Humboldt award of the Max Planck - and Humboldt Societies, and most recently the Carl ZEISS research award.

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